On the 1st of January 2012, I started work on the 2473652012 Open-Source Physical-Theatre Project. A project which had the following dogma:

  1. *Keep a notebook, but through video instead of writing/drawing.

  1. *I must create a new idea every day, throughout the whole year, no matter the workload, health-issues or location, using between 5 and 30 minutes.

  1. *Every idea must be filmed, uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo and be declared open-source material for anyone to use.

  1. *I must write one short text every day, with no preparation time. Sit down, start writing, finish within 5 minutes. These texts are also open-source.

  1. *As often as possible, I must create music or sound for the video of the day, using no more than 30 minutes, preferably less. This is also open-source material.

When watching the videos in this project, please LIKE or NOT LIKE them on YouTube. Your one-click opinions are important and will help shape the future. We will work on both the LIKE’s and the NOT LIKE’s, giving them equal importance in the further creative process. You will need to log in to YouTube to do this.

Also collaborating on the project, is my friend and colleague Christian Adelhorst Rossil.

The project is now going into it's next phase, entitled Like/Not Like, where we want to get as many people as possible to view the videos on YouTube and to Like and/or Not Like them.

This will lead to a two part performance, dealing with viewing things online, commenting online videos/people/discussions and the collaboration between artist and audience through working in the above manner.

Half of the performance wil be dedicate to the Likes and half to the Not Likes.